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Frozen characters in Once Upon A Time 

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Let’s be honest everyone would rather watch a Black Widow movie than antman

I’d rather watch Black Widow file her taxes than an Ant Man movie

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Wally West + smiles

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girl soldier is pulled in a pond by horny mermaids 
uuhh this description sounds like a porno ahahah
drew this while i was waiting for food :0~~


girl soldier is pulled in a pond by horny mermaids 

uuhh this description sounds like a porno ahahah

drew this while i was waiting for food :0~~

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: UnknownLorde
: UnknownYellow Flicker Beat (From "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Pt. 1") - Single
: UnknownYellow Flicker Beat (From "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Pt. 1")
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pipers reaction to polly and larry is my reaction to polly and larry 

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…But what the word “feminist” does do is acknowledge the very long history of the women’s rights movement. I agree with what [Joss Whedon is] saying: It should just be assumed men and women are equally important and equally capable—but it’s not, and it hasn’t been for thousands of years. So, “feminism” and being a “feminist” is an acknowledgement of that history and the culture we’ve lived in for a long time. It’s a reaction to that, but for me, that’s an important acknowledgement to make.


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I honestly believe that other entertainment communities have these problems but don’t talk about them. I’m proud that when we find out someone is being completely disgusting, we don’t try to sweep it under the rug. We don’t let them back in to perform at the Grammies next year. We don’t pretend they’re too big to be packed up in a box and removed.

I’m not saying we couldn’t do a better job. But I’m proud of how the community has handled this. Particularly Laci, who is amazing.

I’m incredibly proud of Laci and the other YouTubers who’ve spoken out against Sam Pepper and previous sexual assault that’s taken place in the YouTube community. I was happy to add my voice as a YouTuber, as a woman and as a survivor of sexual assault because this shit needs to stop.

Buuuuut let’s not congratulate ourselves just yet. Cause SOMEONE has been welcomed back to Vidcon year after year even though that SOMEONE got on stage at Vidon and told completely inappropriate and racist jokes to the delight of over 7k children. And….they haven’t been dismissed from Vidcon. That same mysterious someone has built an ENTIRE CAREER off of racist stereotypes, blackface, rape jokes and peodophilia jokes. And then that someone goes and does videos with everyone and their mother on YouTube and everyone holds hands and shouts “community!” while they rake in lots of Adsense dollars. And when I talk about how upsetting and problematic this content is, that person’s teenage fans call me the n-word and tell me to kill myself. I WONDER where they learned that from??? 

At the beginning of this month I exchanged Tumblr messages and then emails with John Green about the rampant racism on YouTube and what could be done about it. I stressed to him how important it was for allies like you and John to speak up because your audience is so impressionable and takes every word you say as gospel. Not to mention the fact that two white dudes speaking about social issues is considered revolutionary. FYI when POC talk about these issues it’s called “playing the race card”. Since my last lengthy email to John detailing content suggestions he’s yet to get back to me. I realize you’re both incredibly busy writing books, making movies, planning conferences, and congratulating yourselves on Tumblr but you guys probably talk right? So when are we going to stop sweeping the trend of hugely problematic racist content under the rug and talk about it? Lemme know, cause I’m here. 

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the shift from gcse to a level is really big and scary and I have no idea what I’m doing and whether I’m writing things correctly, I currently feel shit bc I’m stressed and have work due but I haven’t done bc i DONT UNDETSTAND


"no. that is an oath you cannot keep. but promise me, that if it comes to it…you will not let him take me back."

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8-Bit Cohen’s Masterpiece by Mazedude

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Bioshock+Night Vale Twitter posts 

(also sorry if this has been done before)

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My favorite BioShock 2 review


My favorite BioShock 2 review

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